Appliance Repairs, Installations & Maintenance Services in Milton

One could not argue the importance of our home appliances. We have become so dependant on them that once one breaks down, only then do we understand our reliance we have.

A not so uncommon scenario would be if you had a dinner party and loads of dishes to wash, only to have the dishwasher breakdown or the dishes come out with that nasty white film on them. Or having numerous house guests that need to do laundry, but the washer or dryer suddenly cease to operate.

There are hundreds of examples that do not overstate how important our appliances have become to making our lives more manageable. This is why it is critical to have an appliance repair company on hand to handle these situations promptly, and most importantly, correctly.

It’s an unfortunate fact of life but appliances will break, or not meet your expectations. This is where MF Appliance Repair Milton can help. For several years, we have been the one to turn to in the greater Milton, Ontario area for kitchen & laundry appliance repair needs. Reliability, experience, and trust are only a few of the descriptors our customers use to describe our company.

The Importance of an Experienced Appliance Repair Company

There are hundreds of brands of appliances. Coupled with that are the various generations of technology and featured enhancements. This makes it important to have an appliance repair company that has a team of technicians that are properly trained and certified to work on these various products. The service technicians not only need the proper education, but also the experience of actually working with the various makes and models. The service staff at MF Appliance Repair Milton are not only fully educated on all facets of appliances, but are also field tested and battle ready to take on all varieties of appliance brands, all backed by the proper insurance and licensing so your investment is fully protected.

About Our Services

MF Appliance Repair Milton has earned a reputation of excellence over several years by providing services unmatched in the industry and at a price that won’t break the bank. Our highly educated and experienced staff sets us apart from others in the industry. But in addition to this, what our Milton, Ontario customers appreciate about our company is the variety of different appliance product lines and products we are able to repair. Below are descriptions of our most common appliance service call services.


Of all appliance repairs, nothing is more urgent to repair than the breakdown of a refrigerator. It is the one appliance that is essential to your family’s livelihood. It goes without saying that the refrigerator is essential for keeping our foods and beverages cooled and decreasing the rate of food spoilage. In fact, they are so used that more than 20% of the population has more than 1 refrigerator in the house. But not only for private homes, as refrigerators are heavily relied on by businesses, resorts and food establishments. Because we are so dependant on this device, it is important to properly maintain it for constant operability. If your fridge is acting up, give us a call before you lose your investments inside.


The oven and cooktops seem like pretty straightforward appliances, but several issues can occur. We work on all types of gas ovens, ranges, and cooktops (in addition to electric.) If you are having issues, do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation and to dispatch our oven repair specialist so you are back roasting that standing rib roast in no time.

Our factory certified and experienced service personnel have repaired hundreds of oven and range issues including things such as the oven not heating, the broiler not working, stove heater element not working, range burners sparking, oven fan failure, and so much more. Discover the MF Appliance Repair Milton difference by contacting our friendly staff now,


Most, if not all, of our technicians will agree that the most common service calls we receive is for issues occurring with a washing machine. Its breakdown is also one of the bigger inconveniences in running a household. So many of us take for granted this wonderful invention until we discover it’s leaking or produces clothes that don’t get  clean.If you have an issue with your washing machine, skip the do it yourself strategy and call our specialists today. We are experts in all types of washers including top loaders, front loading, and high efficiency models.  We can handle all types of problems including a washer that won’t spin, agitate, or drain; washer overflowing, washer won’t drain, and more. If you are experiencing one of the problems above, or the many more situations that can occur, give us a call and we will quickly send one of our highly skilled technicians to handle your situation.


Along with washing machines, dryer repair is another of the most common service calls we receive. We understand the frustration of having a wet, clean pile of clothes that needs to be dried to get the kids ready for school or for you to get ready for work. If you have any dryer issues, you can call on MF Appliance Repair Milton to get it up and running in no time.


It’s not until the dishwasher malfunctions that one swiftly understands how you have taken advantage of this wonderful device. Becoming acquainted with the archaic task of washing pots, pans, and dishes by hand makes one quickly realize how lucky you were to have a dishwasher. If you are experiencing issues, rest assured that the team at MF Appliance Repair Milton can quickly diagnose, repair and restore your dishwasher to its rightful place of glory in the kitchen squad.


One thing we are sure of is that, when it comes to appliances, proactive and preventative maintenance enables peace of mind. There are several benefits to having a scheduled maintenance plan with us, but two reasons stand above the rest. First, you will be assured that your appliances will run at the highest amount of efficiency. Second, by having scheduled maintenance, you will ensure yourself that your appliances will last for years and years. Contact us today to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable support team members about our maintenance plans and how we can tailor a plan to meet your needs.


Those who try DIY home appliance installation often get frustrated, and soon realize that the installation is not as simple as the video they watched on YouTube. It can become a daunting task if electric wiring or gas hookups become involved. Installations are best left to the experts. MF Appliance Repair Milton has installed thousands of appliances successfully, backed by the extensive education and certification each technician has received in installation procedures. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to discuss your next appliance installation project.