How To Increase Dishwasher Efficiency And Save Money

With more people around the house during those long summer months, you may want to consider ways to cut down on energy bills in little ways. One appliance that seems to get a workout during the summer months is the dishwasher. Here are some easy tips from your Milton appliance repair professionals that can save you money and also increase energy efficiency when it comes to your dishwasher.

Run the Hot Water

About 60% of the energy used by your dishwasher is used in heating the water. Before running a load, run the hot water at your sink. This way, the water going into your dishwasher is already hot and less energy is required to heat it up.

Scrape, Don’t Rinse

Your dishwasher is designed to deal with small bits of food. Why waste extra water by rinsing dishes before you load them? Thoroughly scraping large chunks of food into the trash will save tens of thousands of liters of water over the lifetime of your dishwasher.

Only Run When It’s Full

Wait until your dishwasher is full before running it. This gets the most bang for your cleaning buck. If you’re concerned about letting dirty dishes sit in the dishwasher, use the rinse cycle on your dishwasher.

Use a Rinse Aid

If your glassware is cloudy, don’t rewash them unnecessarily. Washing twice defeats the whole purpose of having a dishwasher. Use a rinse aid in your standard cycle to remove water spots and cloudy residue.

Avoid Peak Hours of Energy Consumption

Learn what the peak hours are from your local energy provider. In many cases, you will be paying more to run your devices at those times. Time the use of any appliances as much as possible to avoid using them during these high-use times.

After a load of dishes, don’t rely on the hot air dry cycle. This heater is a real energy hog. Prop open your dishwasher door and let the dishes air dry.

The Age and Efficiency of Your Dishwasher

The normal lifespan of your dishwasher is between 7 and 14 years. As with all older appliances, efficiency dwindles with age. Today’s dishwashers are far more energy efficient and use far less water for each cycle. If your dishwasher is over a decade old, you may want to consider upgrading to a new model.

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