How To Get Your Gas Grill Ready For Summer

It’s almost time to pull out that gas grill. But it may be due for a thorough cleaning. Before you invite over the neighbors and begin to cook your favorite burgers, take some time to give your gas grill a proper cleaning. Not only will your grill last longer but it will look better too.

Turn Off the Gas

Before you begin your grill cleaning, make sure to turn off your natural gas or propane hookup from a safety perspective.

Remove Burner Covers

The next step is to remove the burner covers, warming rack, and cooking grates. These can be soaked in warm, soapy water and scrubbed with a scouring pad. Make sure you check for accumulated rust or any pitting. These items should be replaced. If you can, replace them with stainless steel or porcelain enameled cast iron components.

Inspect and Clean Burners

Inspect the burners and scour them with steel wool or a wire brush using a degreaser. If the burner holes are clogged, make sure to use a pointed object to unclog them.

Clean the Inside of the Hood

If the grill hood has accumulated a buildup, an all-purpose cleaner can be used liberally. Let it sit, take a putty knife and remove any of the built-up gunk and take a hose and spray down the grill. Make sure you thoroughly rinse all the components you have cleaned. A pressure washer can make this even easier to do.

Time for a Touch Up?

If your grill is looking worn, it may be time to touch up the paint with a specialty paint for grills. Use some steel wool to get rid of any peeling paint and apply a thin coat of new paint. Reapply as needed, Do not paint the interior of your grill.

Make Sure it Works

Before the day of the big barbecue, you will want to make sure your grill is working properly. Make sure all the buttons, switches, and knobs are functioning and replace them as needed. Make sure to check your igniter switch, all pressure regulators, batteries, thermometers and on/off switches. Last but not least, make sure your propane tank is full.

Don’t Use the Foil Remedy

You may have heard about cleaning your grill using foil and turning the grill on high for 20 minutes. The theory is something like a self-clean oven. However, this is not only dangerous and can lead to combustion of captured gas but it can melt and ruin many parts of your grill. Take the time to clean your grill safely.

The Risks of a Dirty Grill

If dirt and grease build up, you not only run the risk of your food tasting nasty but it can also cause fire flare-ups. Don’t risk the danger of a fire.

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