Some Easy Fixes For A Malfunctioning Garbage Disposal

The placement of a garbage disposal in a home’s kitchen sink does not offer the promise of a future that lacks any garbage-related problems. Still, none will produce as much mess as a broken trash bag. Moreover, some of the corrections entail completion of a simple fix.

Questions to ask, if there is a loss of power

• Was the power cord taken out of the socket?
• Did a fuse blow?
• Did a circuit breaker trip?

Suggested action: try the reset button. That button serves as an overload protection switch. It keeps the in-sink unit from running for too long a period of time.

How to clear a stuck unit?

You know that a disposal has something stuck in its blades if its motor starts humming. Fortunately, it is not hard to remove such an item. First be sure that the unit you will work on has been unplugged. Then use a flashlight to peer into the hopper.

Using a pair of wooden or plastic tongs, remove the obstruction from the fixed blades. If you cannot remove the obstruction using the tongs, turn your attention to the hex-shaped hole at the bottom of the hopper. You will need to turn that hex-shaped hole. That can be done by using a disposal wrench or an Allen wrench.

Do not try the trick that you might read about, the one that calls for using a broom handle. You cannot be sure that you might not harm the disposal. If you did harm that in-sink appliance, you would have managed to void the appliance’s warranty.

A fix that seems easy but may not be

That would be one that involves getting rid of an unpleasant odor. That odor could come from the section of the disposal that can be seen, the rim around the hole in the sink. That can be cleaned with dishwashing soap.

Next try removing the build-up that has formed on the inside of the disposal’s walls. Certain types of food waste can be used, in order to expedite that removal process. For instance, a combination of kosher salt and ice can function as a wall-cleaning tool. Vinegar, baking soda and the rind from citrus fruits can all be used to clean a garbage disposal. The rind from the citrus fruits replaces a foul-smelling odor with a one that appeals to most people.

Sometimes the source of the smell has traveled down to a point well below the hopper. When that happens, then a professional appliance repair technician in Milton must be contacted. He knows how to attack the pipes that carry the garbage away from the hopper’s blades. Of course, such a technician cannot complete a simple and inexpensive fix.

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